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Jul. 7th, 2011

Die hard with a vengeance

Though it might appear otherwise, I'm neither MIA nor have dropped off the surface of the Earth. Just a bit caught up with RL and taking a bit of break from active Lj fandom.
But not from pondering over and ruminating on on-line communication and interactive fandom involvement altogether (what? I do that for a living, in case you're wondering).

That said, the love child of those extended musings of mine and my trusted confidante-cum-collegue is an Interdisciplinary Conference currently in the works to accomodate the burning issues of on-line interactive discourse within the realm of mass-culture creative output of various media, otherwise known as FANDOM (yeah, I'm lucky enough to fare the professional field where that kind of indulgence is actually tantamount to professional activity).

In case you're interested to partake (which you are most welcome to) or otherwise provide efficient input, please feel free to contact me either at Lj or at idicmc@gmail.com.


CALL FOR PAPERS: 1st Interdisciplinary Conference-Forum 'Interactive Discourse of Contemporary Mass Culture: Literature, TV, Cinema'Collapse )

Apr. 29th, 2011

Good God, ya'll: a random SPN thought

I know, I know - this is *not* the kind of meta notes I've been long due (and boy, has it been a looooooong while! - RL deadlines coupled by an urgent family crisis, pushing onto quite a bit of a tragedy, really has a knack of getting in the way of fannish indulgement, hiatus or no hiatus). I still owe myself - what is it? three by now? - episode overviews (which would probably add up to four, given the next ep. airs tonight). The weirdest part is that I want to say *so* much about the 6.16-6.18 sequence, up to taking notes at random times and carrying out extended inner monologues, that it tantamounts to zero output posted. Go figure... There's  a long weekend coming up - so I'm raising hopes for working myself into the productive overview  mood again.

Anyhow, having read around a bit and pieced together some random threads of speculation that irked me upon watching the episode, there's this one idea I've got concerning 6.18 character layout. Namely - Samuel Colt and pra-Elkins - the two "elders" of the profession, decidedly framing the structure and character interaction of the episode. Mind you, Dean is the one, interacting with Elkins the most, Sam is the one - interacting with Colt.

So, what have we got? Samuel Colt (the token pra-hunter we know of in the SPN 'verse), depicted in a close proximity to omniscient. Samuel Colt - decidedly 'retired' from the hunting life (out of the picture?) having completed a grand project, in the know of the kind of a curse his state-of-the-art  creation (the Colt) is, despite it's obvious hunting efficiency. Samuel Colt, making up his mind (for reasons, explicitly omitted - we got to hear Sam's argument, but very little of the actual effect it evoked in Colt, once Sam had rested his case) to supply the means for the  Winchesters' strife, but still pointedly refusing to get involved personally. And finally, Samuel Colt, casually warning against believing everything you read. In the universe, where 'the Book' (of Fate, Destiny and all things preordained) has been allegedly defenestrated due to the aborted Apocalypse.

And we've got pra-Elkins, described quite discreetly as the one to have been around 'longer than God'. Elkins - to appoint (or rather, promote) Dean into a position of ultimate power within that micro-'verse: the sheriff. The kind of position, incidentally, Cas claimed in Heaven upon resurrection in Swan Song. The position of power (law and order!) that, eventually, resulted into a casualty, which was remarkably both justified and not: the Deputy had it coming for being a jerk, a rapist and a murderer, but still died as an overlook in Dean's bait-scenario, making his demise still on Dean. 6.11 and Death's lesson in actions, effects and responsibility for one's power-decisions within the framework of Natural Order and one-person-justice, anyone?
Besides, wasn't Death the one claiming to be reaping God one of those days? Kinda suggestive as to who's gonna be around *longer* than God, ain't it?

So, my point is: have we (and the Winchesters) actually rendezvoused with God and Death (or suitable incarnations thereof) in Sunrise, Wyoming? If so - to whatever end? Besides educational, of course. For those kinds of encounters never come without a reason - be it metaphoric or literal. Guess, we'll have to see how well the brothers have acknowledged their respective lessons.  


Mar. 9th, 2011


What's in a name...

I'm still not officially out of review hibernation, currently in the process of piecing together the latest (6.16) SPN episode overview, which left me wondering on many an issue.
But to get my mind briefly off the intertwined matters of forgiveness, apology, remorse, mercy and, sure enough, family, the episode addressed - a  little unassuming drabble picking up on the featured fact that Sam's cell-phone dial list labels Dean as just 'D' (which I do believe to be not the only one out there  finding it oddly endearing, among all the underlying turmoil that the Winchester Brotherdom of Woe still is).

Title: Diddle diddle dumpling
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean (by default), Sam; Sam's POV
Summary: Sam's cell-phone dial list labels Dean as 'D'. In all honesty, Sam doesn't remember how far back the little cryptic gig dates. Set presumably sometime fairly soon after 6.16 And Then There Were None. Mentions of earlier seasons and some minor glimpses into the wee-chester era.
A/n: This is kinda fluffier than my regular canon reading, but hey, fanfiction is there for therapeutical wishful thinking too, among other things, ain't it?
Word-count: circa 800.
Disclaimer: None of the characters, plot-points, inherent to the show, belong to me.


Diddle diddle dumplingCollapse )


Mar. 5th, 2011

Through The Looking Glass SPN 6.15 The French Mistake. Part 3

Part 1
Part 2


DeanCollapse )


SamCollapse )


I wish I had an angelCollapse )


RandomettesCollapse )


ETA: I'm aware to be phenomenally late to emerge from overview hibernation on this one (only to plunge into the newest bout wrt to ep. 6.16), but as they say - better late than never.
Thanks for taking the time to bear with me, if you've so pleased!


Through the Looking Glass. SPN 6.15 The French Mistake. Part 2

Part 1

Dean and Sam: Not all that we areCollapse )

Part 3

Through the Looking Glass. SPN 6.15 The French Mistake. Part 1

 Guess, this has to be official: running a student research contest alongside an academic

council counterproductive to timely SPN overviewing is. Alas.
This episode effectively ate my brain and my time. I'm not sure I've managed to put to print

everything I derived by way of interpretation in the process, but I had to halt at certain

points, seeng as there is yet a latest episode pending to be watched and overviewed now.

Despite having got a hands down full week to ponder this  ep before carving out time to

actually piece and put the impressions and ensuing deductions together, however, I'm still

not sure if I'm overwhelmed or underwhelmed with what I saw (and keep seeing) in it. Guess,

it's a bit of both, which, oddly enough, tantamounts to an overall surprizingly pleasant

There's alway a catch with reviewing comedic episodes with a straight face, however. Never a

 good thing to tune down on one's sense of humor or ironic appreciation (which is a big deal

 whenever tackling SPN episodes in general - the show is infallibly tongue-in-cheek on a

good day).
That said, on to the overview proper without much ado. SPN 6.15 The French Mistake.


The episode as is: meta, shall we?Collapse )



No Hell below us, above us only skyCollapse )



Death of the AuthorCollapse )
Part 2
Part 3


Feb. 25th, 2011

Out of the blue Moon

There is a far vaster range of SPN-related ideas my mind incessantly tilts on the side of pondering, but this one random snippet of rumination somehow got me stuck ever since 6.12 (Like A Virgin): John's journal makes an appearance yet again; there's nothing on dragons in it. I guess it's a safe bet there is NOTHING in there on a whole LOT of peculiar supernatural stuff the boys had to deal with through the latter years. Various brands of demons, angels, the seals, Lucifer (for crying out loud), the Alphas and now - the Mother of All.
Cue a wayward speculationCollapse )
Yeah, I know, I'm being idly contemplative. But it just keeps me wondering...  

Feb. 23rd, 2011

Love hurts... SPN 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning Part 3

Part 1 

Part 2


Dean and Ben: define thy fatherCollapse )



DeanCollapse )



SamCollapse )



RandomettesCollapse )


ETA: I should probably do something about the apparetnt case of hypergraphia here, or else these overviews get even more lengthy. But you can rest assured, this was a lot more fun to write than I can ever hope it'll be to read (bugs, typos and all - can never be sure I got them all out). However, I'm beyond thrilled if you managed to bear with me this far. Thank you!
As of now, I'm out of overview hibernation and back into the realm of Lj-active (or at the very least, Lj-browsing). Yay!



Love hurts... SPN 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Part 2

Part 1 


Dean and Sam (cont.) The Impala talk: turn of phaseCollapse )


Dean and Lisa: beautiful looserCollapse )

Part 3

Feb. 22nd, 2011

Love hurts... SPN 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Part 1

If anything, a working weekend and a wacked up on-line connection helps put certain things in perspective and strike a semblance of perceptive equilibrium. A couple of preliminary notes first, before we proceed with the episode overview.

Granted, I'm a what you might call consistent Dean/Lisa 'shipper (as in I've always believed, and continue doing so, this particular relationship, in form of a dreamt-up and sought-after illusion first and an actual surrogate-marriage later is one of the few truly good for him, healing and healthy thins Dean's ever had, personal interaction-wise, romantic or not), unable to abstain from spoilers I was prepared to be disappointed pushing onto devastated by this advertised aspect of the episode under consideration. Same goes for the potential messages wrt the Winchester Brotherdom of Woe, its prospects and definition. But remarkably enough - I wasn't by neither. Not by a long-shot. Foremost due to the pitch and slant the episode chose to adhere to delivering the range of messages that it evenually did. Which, incidentally, rang to me more elegaic and epiphanous than dismissive as far as Dean and Lisa'n'Ben go, more contemplative and subdued than gung-ho affirmative where Dean and Sam are concerned. The episode left me heartbroken, forlorn and pensive a lot more than gratified and/or relieved, true, but I'm fairly positive, upon certain input of narrative deduction, it was absolutely meant to. And *that* kind of captured cognitive consonace was what factored prominently into my individual perceptive enjoyment. Then again, maybe it's just me.
On to the overview proper. 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning. Cut to avoid possible spoilers.


The episode as is: mirror, mirror on the wall...Collapse )


Dean and Sam: paths travelled byCollapse )

 Part 2
 Part 3


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